Inhouse Manufacturing



 RAHULGROUP’s Stainless Steel Division was established, in India, in 2006 and today it has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities; one at VADODARA, which is 110 KM away from Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat State and the other is at JHAGADIA, ANKLESHWAR in Gujarat State.

 The Stainless Steel Division has manufacturing facilities, wherein products such as Welded and Seamless Tubes & Pipes for critical applications are manufactured. RAHULGROUP also manufactures ElectroPolish for Pharmaceutical and Dairy Industries. WE have Titanium Seamless Tubes Production as well.

 Both manufacturing facilities are having Zero Discharge Units and use Green Power to produce the end products.

The products manufactured i.e. High Nickel and Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes in Welded & Seamless construction, Instrumentation tubes and Titanium Seamless Tubes are used for critical applications in Niche Market such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Refineries, Thermal, Nuclear and Solar Power Plants, Atomic Energy, Defence, Aerospace etc.

The Division provides total Piping Solutions for various projects, as it has a very wide range of manufacturing capabilities and hence, is an ideal choice for major EPC Contractors across the globe, who are handling Core sector industries.

The main strength of the Division is, the technical capabilities of personnel involved in manufacturing these critical products and proven track record of serving core sector industries over 10 years.

RAHULGROUP has skilled manpower, which stands by its commitment, which is of utmost importance when manufacturing products for critical applications in the Core sector industries. The Division is having in-house manufacturing and testing facilities to meet the stringent requirements of Customers.