Go Green



RAHUL GROUP have a lot of support and acceptance in the social community. We engage in “Greenwashing”, devoting real time and money to environmental sustainability programs, alternative Energy/Cleantech, and various social welfare initiatives to benefit employees, customers, and the Planet at large. 

Sustainability, climate change, energy and energy efficiency, green consumption and urban sustainable development are globally recognized challenges for the 21st century. Tackling these challenges requires a strong commitment. We, Our managers and professionals of tomorrow has the knowledge to understand the interconnectedness of economic, environmental and social dimensions, and competencies to manage and contribute the change towards a more sustainable world.

RAHUL GROUP is in Green Management Energy program designed to equip skills and competencies required to responsibly face these new challenges.  We contribute to the MOTHER EARTH & community in many different ways:

  • Planting Trees.
  • Recycling of Waste Water to Potable Water and give free supply to nearby Farms and Gardens.
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Collect and Donate New as well as old computers & other equipment to schools or community, volunteer, or charity projects.
  • Less Use of Papers and No Print Working Model.
  • Campaign for office coffee and tea to come from organic producers.
  • Ask for permission to volunteer with a local community project during work hours on a regular basis. For example, you may be able to spend an hour or two in a week assisting a teacher at a local school.
  • Arrange for our company or just our department to adopt a local nonprofit organization  project, and encourage staff to donate money or time volunteering on the project for a day or weekend for Cleaning and Collecting the waste from the Industries and Teach them Benefits of Recycling.
  • Use of Renewable Resources like SOLAR and WIND.