“CSR is titled to aid
an organization’s mission as well as
a guide to what the company stands for
and will uphold to its customers.”


At RAHUL GROUP, We believe to ‘Give Back’ Policy. We get a huge amount of resources from our Manpower and Mother Earth. We want to give back all this through Corporate Social Responsibility. It is one of the prime focus activities as being a responsible organization having concern for the society, people and environment. This is also to connect with the sustainable development for the organization. To us these initiatives not only refer to the compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to respond to climate change, sustainable management of natural resources and consumer protection.

RAHUL GROUP is well attentive to its Corporate Responsibilities. Its area of activities here include developing and maintaining high level of human rights, ethical business practice and well defined governance standards in the interest of all its internal and external shareholders. RAHUL GROUP follows its carefully developed policies and standards to manage issues involving its role as a responsible corporate.

Our CSR Priorities

  • Environment

We Reduce the Carbon Emission by upgrading our Technology and use of Alternate Renewable Fuels. We try to minimize the environmental impact of our production technologies and product lines by making our manufacturing processes environment friendly and energy-efficient. We streamline our use of materials and energy in a way that reduce the total usage.

  • Employee Health & Safety

RAHUL GROUP believes that all his growth today is back-boned by its strong human capital that is working with high dedication for their company. Taking best possible care of their on-job Health and safety is a matter of prime concern. RAHUL GROUP’s manufacturing facility and all offices across the globe have high safety measures that ensure its employees a healthy and safe working environment. Managing Employee Health Safety for all employees working all across the globe is a big challenge for RAHUL GROUP.

  • Our CSR Initiatives

RAHUL GROUP is committed to a wide range of initiatives relating to sustainability. Every Year we undertake the Project for the betterment of Society. Through these initiatives, we regularly contribute to environmental, social, professional excellence and community projects. In the communities, we work with various non-governmental organizations to support projects that are encouraging sustainable practice.

  • Opening of Schools and Donation for the Child Education is consider to be the Top Most Priority.
  • Opening of Public Toilets and Health Education is the noble cause done by our TEAM.
  • RAHUL GROUP SCHOLARSHIP Program is given to needy Students who don’t have Capacity to pay the Fees for Higher Schools and for Master’s Degree. Till now more than 1000 Scholarship has been awarded in Terms of Monetary Fees and Study Materials.
  • Contributed to various NGOs working in areas of Community Health & Education primarily from the deprived segment in society.