EHS Policy


“Safety Starts With Me, Together We Care”


RAHUL GROUP strictly follows and believes in NKOM’s 5 Key Safety Principles:

  • If safety is expensive, disasters cost more
  • Value everyone’s safety
  •  Zero tolerance for incidents
  • Recognise safe behavior
  • Passion for Health, Safety & Environment(HSE)excellence


RAHUL GROUP  is commited to statutory raquirements related to environment,health & safety and to prevent pollution,injury & ill health through continual improvement in processes, practices & EHS awareness by involving people & interested parties through effective communication & training for conservation of natural resources like water, energy & materials.

We Believe in Health, Safety and Environment Policy to ensure that all the work processes are carried out in a safe manner in compliance with all applicable codes, standards, rules and regulations and to protect employees, equipment, property, third parties and the environment from injury, loss and damage.

In the implementation of the policy, all the employees have a contribution to make and summarize as follows:


 The Management 

  • Provision of a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Arrange appropriate training for employees.
  • Notify employees of the hazards associated with the work processes and/or update them regularly.
  • Provision of appropriate personal proactive equipment.
  • Discipline those employees who violate safety instructions, safety procedures.
  • Ensure that all accidents are reported and that the causes are eliminated.

The Employees

  • Report all accidents, near misses or hazardous conditions to their immediate supervisors or to the management as well.
  • Use the correct tools and equipments for the job in the right way.
  • Take all the proactive measures and precautions to protect themselves and their fellow employees.
  • Understands and follow safety instructions given by their safety engineer, supervisors, foremen as well as safety officers/engineers.



By working together, the management and the employees will succeed in maintaining the HSE Policy/Programme conforming to the highest standards, for the safety and benefits of all concerned.
Thus, we are committed for continual improvements in the processes, by prevention of pollution and improving the health, Safety and Environment performance among the community and interested parties, providing safe work environment with the help of educated, trained and dedicated personals, reviewing implemented HSE System periodically.