Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance aims
how to address quality related errors and
how to improve those errors before occurring.
The plan helps in eliminating defects.”


RAHUL GROUP carries a Quality Management System certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The well-deserved certification is the result of high and consistent standards of processes, which is reflected in the high quality of the products.

An independent Quality Assurance department is responsible for work procedures required to ensure that manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with international technical delivery conditions given in ASTM, ASME, EN, IS and other International Specs along with the customer specifications.

To guarantee high quality, we procures raw material from top-notch vendors of international repute. The manufacturing is carried out under strict process control and monitored throughout the production process to ensure total conformity to requisite specifications.

All through the Manufacturing process and before dispatch, uncompromising and stringent tests are carried out as per the standards specifications and/or customer specific requirements. Every single piece of material is subjected to a thorough visual inspection by trained Engineers to detect dimensional inaccuracies, surface imperfections and other quality imperfections.

To ensure complete identification and traceability even after supplies are effected, all the information as required by the standards, i.e. Logo, Brand name, size, grade, specifications, heat number is marked on all the Products.

We ask our Customer to give the feedback and helps in improving the business process.

Quality Assurance Plan

Incoming Raw Material

qualityassurance_table1Stage wise Inspection & Dispatch.

Process Description
Documents Standards
to be
Samples quorum of size/
Equipment use for testing
 3. I) Welded Tube forming & Welding
II) Seamless Cold Drawing or Cold Rolling/
As per Work order/ Specification Dimensions check Diameter (Ovality) x Length x Thickness
• Weight
• Defects if any
3 Samples from each Coil 1 Sample from each lot of Mother Hollow Universal testing machine UIN40-T Make “UTS” Microscope, Vernier, Micrometer & Measuring Tape Dimensions acceptance
as per order Confirm to standard samples as per details
 QA In-Charge
 4.  Solution or Bright Annealing Temperature as per ASTM & EN Standard or customer requirement • Temperature
• Hardness
• Cooling
• Rapid Water/AirQuenching
2 Sample per lot / 2 Sample per heat Digital Graphic, Temperature Recorder, Digital Temperature Indicator & Temperature Controller, Metallurgical Microscope, Brine Rockwell Hardness Tester  As per Standard and/or Customer Requirement.  Operator/Inspector
 5.  Straightening Straightening as per specification Check straightening of Pipes & Tubes First 2 pipes and last 2 Pipes of each size lot Roller Straightening Machine, Micrometer, Visual Observation Straightening as per specification standard sample Operator/Inspector
 6. End Facing Squaring & Beveling Burr Free Squaring / Beveling with Proper V-Shape 100% Visual inspection Abrasive Polishing as per standard sample Confirm to specification / requirement As per specification Operator/Inspector
 7. Eddy Current/ Hydrostatic/Air Under Water Testing As per ASTM/EN standard  Leakages  100% Eddy Current/ Hydraulic Pressure/Air Under Water Tester  No Leakage  Operator/Inspector
 8. Picking& Passivation As per required ASTM/EN standard • Scale removing inside& outside surface area  100% Visual Observation As per specificationand/orConfirm to requirement Operator/Inspector
 9. Final Inspection Physical / Chemical Testing As per applicable standard Visual Dimension, Physical & Chemical  100% Micrometer, Vernier, UTM, PMI, Carbon sampling at random spectro / wet methodSurface Visual Checking As per specification and/orConfirm to requirement  QA In-Charge
 10. Marking (as per) customer requirement / standard marking As percustomer requirement • Spell check
• Details verification
100% Confirm on first two sample & continue to last 2 samples. Inkjet machine / Electro Etching co-relation of heat no size Grade etc. with Test certificate As per specification and/orConfirm to requirement  QA In-Charge
 11. Packing & Delivery As per customer requirement Packing quality Tightness of packing, Lashing and Choking 100% confirm to requirement End Caps, Poly Bags, Box, Crate, Polythene, Hessian Cloth Packing confirm to customer requirement Packing Supervisor