Manufacturing Process Flow Chart for ‘U’ Tubes


Seamless or Welded straight tube which are 100% Hydro and Eddy Current Tested are shifted to U bending Machine with qualified Workers. Straight Tubes are loaded to the bending machine and then as per the Customers Bending Radius Drawing, Tubes are bends. After each bending, Bent tube is fit into jigs to check the radius. Also, at the same time Radius is measured with tools to recheck the bending radius. After completion of all Bending, Bend Radius + 300 mm Leg Length are Heat treated/Stress Relieved. Die Penetrating Test is done on all Tubes. The tubes then undergo End Cutting, 100% hydro-testing, visual and dimensional examination, 100% PMI testing and then marked and packed as per Standard or Customer requirement. Now, Cold Drawn ‘U’ Tubes are Ready for Shipment.