Super Duplex & Duplex Steel – Seamless Straight Tubes & U Tubes


RAHUL GROUP have dedicated facility for manufacturing Stainless Steel Seamless Instrumentation & Heat Exchanger & General Purpose Tubes.

The Hot Extruded Mother Hollows are used for manufacturing Stainless Steel Seamless Instrumentation Tubes using Cold Pilger Mills, modern Draw Benches and Off-Line Bright Annealing furnaces. Our facility to supply tubes with lower residual stress values, which plays an important role in service life of Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubes.

Tubes are used to connect various pressure gauges, pressure switches, valves and flow monitors on industrial piping and ventilation systems. Various type of fluids , gases pass through these tubes at high pressure. Considering above factors the application for Instrumentation Tubes is considered as ‘very critical’.

RAHUL GROUP is one of the major manufacturers of Stainless Steel RAHUL GROUP is having dedicated facility for manufacturing Tubes in U bend Solution Annealed condition upto developed length of 36 meters.

Salient Features:

  1. Mother Hollows are used to manufacture tubes for producing finished tubes
  2. Ability to produce tubes with
    – Closer Dimensional Tolerances
    – Closer hardness values
    – Special chemistry as per customer requirements
    – Stringent NDT Testing including Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing etc.
  3. Good surface finish , Bright Annealing & Polished Surface
  4. Good Corrosion resistance
  5. In-house “U” bending facility and “U” bend Stress relieving
  6. Ability to produce tubes with stringent NDT requirements of the Client
  7. Ability to handle various Grades of Stainless Steel

Power Plants

  • Stainless Steel Seamless Condenser Tubes

    1. Capabilities to manufacture tubes having wall thickness 0.70 mm
    2. Straight Length upto 25 meters
  • Stainless Steel Seamless LP and HP Heater Tubes
    1. Capabilities to supply tubes with Very Low Residual Stress Values leading to longer service life
    2. Dedicated facility for manufacturing Tubes in “U” bend Solution Annealed condition upto developed length of 36 meters
    3. Ability to supply tubes with Special Chemistry
    4. Capability to supply tubes of special grades for Nuclear Power Plants

Oil and Gas Sector

  • Ability to produce tubes with stringent NDT requirements of the client
  • Stabilization Heat Treatment facility for Stabilized Stainless Steel Grades

Fertilizer Plant

  • Capability to supply Urea Grade Tubes 316L UG and UNS S31050
  • Any other special grade can be developed on request


  • Seamless Instrumentation Tubes for applications in Power generation i.e Nuclear, Thermal and Solar Power Plants , Refinery and Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Fertilizer, Process Industries , Defense , Atomic Energy, Aerospace ,Automobile , Pulp and Paper Industries etc.

 General Industries

  • Capabilities to supply Lean Duplex tubes for Process Industries





10.00 MM to 76.00 MM OD

0.70 MM to 6.00 MM

 ASTM A-213, A-268, A-269,
 A-270, A-789
 EN 10216-5
 U-Tubes as per Customer’s Drawing.



TP-304/L/LN/H/N,TP-316/L/LN/H/N/Ti,TP-317L,TP-317LM, TP-321/H, TP-347/H, UNS S31254 , UNS N08904, UNS N8926 & Various grades as per European Norms
TP-405, TP-410, TP-430, TP-446
UNS S31500, S32304, S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760Alloy 400, 600, 625, 800, 825, etc
* Sizes and Specifications other than above can be manufactured on request